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Gaming Discussion / Great article on Xbox One backwards compatability.
« Last post by Midnight Son on October 24, 2017, 04:53:21 AM »
It's been said that everyone wants it and no on uses it.  For me however, I use it a lot.  Most recently with Fable Anniversary edition. Anyone want to share what old games they play with BC? Also, Microsoft needs to get back to building a library for the One like the 360 had.
Gaming Discussion / Welcome to the Community of Gamers Assembly!
« Last post by Midnight Son on October 24, 2017, 02:56:38 AM »
This forum was created to provide gamers first and foremost with a tough but fairly modded site for video game discussion and more.  We do not plan to take sides in console wars or persecute others with different ideas than ours.  However, hate speech and sexism is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated in any circumstances.  I hope some of you will find a home here and help us to make the forum the best it can be.  We want and value your input on how we can continually strive for a forum where all gamers are welcome to post and share in the fun of our favorite pasttime.  Please feel free to ask questions, and offer any input, as I look forward to hearing about it.  Eventually I will need additional mod support and if anyone is willing and proves to have the integrity required, I will send out invites.  Registration does require a business or school email address.  This is to cut down on spam and of course fly by night trolls.  This is subject to change, as some of the rules I will post later will be as well.  I ask for patience and for you to bear with us as over the next few days the site will be going through changes and growing pains.  Thanks and let's get started!

-Midnight Son
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